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Aftermath Digital helps companies get the most out of their digital marketing investments.
In a world that's not short on thought leadership or advice, we provide practical, actionable digital marketing that will deliver tangible, meaningful results. This is delivered through our 'Virtual Head of Digital’ service, offering best-in-class digital marketing for businesses who aren't able to justify hiring a permanent senior digital resource. 
Productised Services


We make best-in-class digital marketing leadership accessible to businesses who can't justify a permanent head of digital resource.  Led by one of NZ's most experienced digital marketers Daniel Phillips we will help:

  •  Gain clarity on existing digital performance

  •  More deeply understand digital's role and potential in your business.

  •  Create a robust digital strategy and tactical plan. 

  •  Create benchmarks and measures that matter.

  •  Create and run campaigns that deliver results.

  •  Access top tier third-party vendors including web developers, media partners and technical marketing (SEO/SEM/Analytics) providers.

  • Gain confidence in achieving a return from your digital investment.

Brand Story


We work best with consumer/D2C brands who need help in getting more online transactions: sales, leads, or sample requests.

Aligning business and marketing objectives with digital outcomes, we take a highly strategic process that includes: 


Articulation of your marketing objectives, and outlining the role digital (and other channels) will play in helping achieve your business objectives.


Analytics deep dive to audit past digital investment (website, media, social, data etc)


Phased plan to deliver marketing goals, including specific deliverables and required resourcing.


This strategy will be done within a week and cover, infrastructure, creative/comms and media. 

Marketing Strategy


We get the best results and outcomes when working directly with passionate founders, directors, or marketing leaders who are clear on their objectives, make fast decisions, and prioritise getting things done, learning, and improving.

Talk to us if:


  • You are unsure how to get the most out of your digital investment.

  • You have reached a ceiling of digital growth that you can't break through.

  • You are committed to digital growth but are struggling to access best-in-class operators.

  • Or, if you simply want advice from someone who has been involved in  scaling a LOT of Kiwi businesses


About me


Hi, I'm Dan Phillips, I head up Aftermath. I've got 17+ years of advertising and digital marketing experience and have been fortunate enough to develop digital strategy and ideas for some of NZ's favourite companies/brands including Bremworth, Lion, 2degrees, Skinny, Frucor, ilabb, Hallenstein's, NZI, GJ Gardner, NZ Rugby and more. 

I started my career at Saatchi & Saatchi, then helped build the digital agency YoungShand from a team of three to NZ's largest independently owned digital agency.

I went solo in 2019 to create a new type of digital agency where great advice and execution from senior people is made more accessible. 

Through my career I have learned that two of the key drivers of business growth are momentum and confidence. I'm passionate about helping great NZ businesses achieve those through better digital marketing.

I get excited about getting shit done: I'm more interested in action and outputs and learning by doing than theory and jargon. If you work with me, expect well-considered practical advice that you can apply quickly.

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